3 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Commercial Water Treatment

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Restaurant Needs Commercial Water Treatment

Water is your most vital ingredient. Every delectable dish on your menu relies on water in some capacity. When you are competing in a saturated market, your competitive advantage is in the details. You can’t afford to lose your edge over something you can control. For this reason, every restaurant should invest in a commercial water treatment system to ensure every bite you serve up is as perfect as possible.

Do you know what is lurking in the water you use in your restaurant? Unfiltered hard water can contain a variety of contaminants and minerals. This water can infiltrate many aspects of your business. Not only are you serving it to your customers, but you are also using it to brew coffee, make ice, wash your vegetables, and clean your dishes. Poor quality water not only tastes terrible, but it also creates unnecessary wear and tear on your restaurant equipment. However, a restaurant water filtration system combined with a water softener allows you to avoid the problems hard water creates and focus on creating a dining experience your customers will rave about.

These are a few reasons your restaurant needs softened and filtered water to perform at its greatest potential.

1. Cost Savings

Hard water comes with a cost. You rely on water to run many pieces of equipment in your restaurant. Hard water is known to break down appliances and fixtures faster because the minerals in the water build up and create clogs in the inner components. It’s such a problem that some manufacturers consider using hard water as a reason to void your warranty, leaving you on the hook for any damages it causes to your commercial appliances.

You also use more energy by forcing hard water through your commercial machines. All in all, considerable cost savings can be found by tackling your water problem early. Before you ever install a piece of kitchen equipment, you should have reliable, filtered water.

2. Safer Products

Water is crucial to everything you do. You rely on the integrity of your water to keep your customers safe. Contaminated water is a serious issue that could have horrible repercussions for your business. When you install water filtration systems in your restaurant, you eliminate the chance that your customers will be exposed to any unsafe contaminates in the water.

Some jurisdictions have even created health and safety codes requiring filtered water for restaurants. This means that if you want to operate a restaurant, a water filtration system is a must. Not only will you easily meet your city’s strict regulations, but you will be keeping your customers safe.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

The first thing your customers receive when they sit down at your restaurant is a fresh glass of water. You want their first taste to be pleasant. Hard water tastes awful, and if that is a customer’s first taste, it can taint their entire experience.

Just think about all of the ways water affects a culinary experience.

  • That first glass of ice cold water
  • Fresh washed vegetables in the side salad
  • A crucial ingredient in fresh-baked bread
  • A base used for soups
  • Spotless flatware, dishes, and glasses

Hard water can easily ruin an otherwise perfect experience. Foul tastes and smells from bad water will cause your customers to question their experience. You’ve invested a lot in your restaurant and want your customers to love you. You want them to come back again and tell their friends. Give them an experience that is worth coming back for.

Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

When prioritizing clean water for your business, you have options. A water expert in your community can help you choose the perfect solution for your restaurant. The ideal restaurant system often combines a few different options.

  • Reverse Osmosis – Reverse osmosis is a process that uses applied pressure to force your water through super high-grade filters. These filters can strip your water of many harmful and distasteful contaminates. When used in conjunction with a water softener, the result is exceptionally clean water that tastes amazing.
  • Carbon Filters – Activated carbon is an effective way to remove unwanted particles from your water. By running your water through a carbon filter, you remove impurities that make the water taste bad or potentially unsafe. Carbon filters will provide your restaurant with delicious, fresh water. Many reverse osmosis filtration systems contain a carbon filter.
  • UV Lights – Bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms don’t stand a chance against a UV light. Installing a UV light at the water source for appliances removes potentially harmful elements from the water before it heads to ice machines and coffee makers. Not only will the water be safe to drink, but you can also prevent your appliances from becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
  • Equipment Specific Filters – Your appliances do a lot of heavy lifting for your restaurant. You rely on them running at peak efficiency to keep operating smoothly. You can purchase filters specific to your restaurant equipment. Steam equipment, ice makers, and coffee machines are all appliances that can utilize special filters to remove any unwanted contaminants before they do damage.
  • Point of Entry Water Filter – All of the previous solutions are systems installed at the point of use (taps, water lines, etc.). A system that filters the water for your entire facility can remove contaminants before the water even enters the pipes of your building. These point of entry filters filter the water as it enters your place of business, eliminating contaminants before the water reaches faucets and equipment throughout the building.
  • Whole Facility Water Softener – Adding a water softener to your system can help you avoid calcium and magnesium buildup in your pipes and keep your equipment running longer. Your customers will never even know you have a hard water problem and will enjoy tasty water with their meal.

Your restaurant represents a considerable investment of time and money. It’s the materialization of a dream. Clean, great-tasting water is a non-negotiable to protect your investment and reputation. Talk to a local water specialist to determine what combination of water filter and softener will work best to purify the water for your restaurant.